Real Fit Women was created to show women over 30 that they CAN be fit, they CAN be healthy, they CAN love the way they look.

If you’re anything like me you’ve tried ‘diets’ of all kind.

You’ve tried different forms exercising, from 50 minute classes at the gym, aqua aerobics, hours on the treadmill or the bike.

And maybe some things have worked but some things haven’t and you just don’t know what *works*


What I’ve found that works – is what works for YOU.

If you won’t stick to an exercise program, then it won’t work.

If you won’t stick to a healthy diet, then it won’t work.


Use RealFitWomen to find what works specifically for you.


Real Fit Women is the exciting new digital magazine with articles, interviews, videos and more helping real women become Real Fit Women.

Real Fit Women is run by REAL women for REAL women.

It is a no B.S., no airbrushing, no nonsense resource for real women who want to get fit and healthy.