A Confession! You Are Not Alone

Hi, Casey Stevens with RealFitWomen.com and in this video I just want to share a confession with you.

Ok so last year, about 6 months ago now I has a photo shoot. And in those photos that came from that photo shoot it showed that I actually had visible abs for the first time in my life. Now, that was 6 months ago and to be honest I don’t have that physique anymore.

I’m not a big person anyway, and I’m not overweight by any stretch of the imagination but to be honest some pairs of my jeans don’t fit me anymore and it’s not something I’m proud of and it’s not something that I want to tell people but a friend of mine was recently going through a similar situation where she has put on weight through over eating, not exercising very much.

She works at a desk every day, as do I and I just thought I’ll put this out there. Take a leaf out of her book and just let you know that people fall off the wagon. Even someone that had visible abs six months ago can let themselves go.

And I say that not, I’m not fat and I’m not obese and I don’t need to lose weight but I definitely have let my eating habits deteriorate over the past few months and it’s something that I really want to get back on top of.

Not to get abs again and not to fit in to these really nice jeans that I want to fit in to again but simply because I’m not happy with myself. I was doing so well and I was feeling really good and just one thing after another. Working at a desk, excuses, whatever you want to call them, overeating, being tired, stressed all of that, just means now that I am not happy and I don’t feel 100%.

That’s the main thing for me. My health. Not to look good or to fit in to my skinny jeans but my health. And at the moment I’m not 100%. I’m constantly tired, I don’t sleep very well.

So this is just a quick video to let you know that everybody falls off the wagon. Everybody, unless you’re superwoman, people let things lapse and that’s ok, just if you want to change it, you’ve just got to change it.

So over the next few months to a year to hopefully my entire life I’m going to keep working day by day and try and improve my eating habits and hopefully my health as well.

If you’ve had experience with this, I’d love to hear from you and how you managed to get back on track and stay on track.