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Billy Blanks Tae Bo and Winsor Pilates!


Hi, Casey Stevens from RealFitWomen.com and in this video I just wanted to share with you a blast from my past.

So recently I have been cleaning out my house in preparation for a move and I came across all these old things from when I was a baby to now and I actually came across the first exercise videos that I ever purchased to do at home.

I had obviously done exercise and played sport at school but this was actually the 1st at home downloadable, well, it wasn’t downloadable because we didn’t have the Internet back then, but first at home workout that I purchased and it was actually Billy Blanks Tae Bo workout.


I wonder how many of you out there have this?


So this was Billy Blank’s, a 7 times world martial arts champion, his ultimate total body workout for men and women. So it is four videos. He had the 8 min workout, the advanced workout, the basic and the instructional video.

I remember, maybe I didn’t do them all that often, but over the years I have pulled them out of the cupboard and put them in the player and used them just at various times over the past 10, 15 years.

I can’t actually play them anymore as I don’t own a VCR. But I’m sure it’s still worthwhile doing.

It’s based on martial arts so it’s aerobic kickboxing and apparently Tae Bo was rated as the highest calorie burning workout available today which was 1998.

People still do kickboxing and boxing so it’s all probably still relevant today.

I also came across the first workout that my sister ever purchased. That was the Winsor Pilates body sculpting system. So this is Mari Winsor and she is a pilates instructor. I believe she is sought after, yes, one of the most sought after trainers by the biggest stars and celebrities in Hollywood.

MariWinsorPilates This was dated copyright 2002 by Guthy Renker. So this as well as the Tae Bo was purchased off an infomercial.

And I hate to admit, I did the 20 minute video workout that I couldn’t find this time but I remember doing that, basically every second day for quite a while when I was 22 and I had quite good results especially with the legs and the buttocks area.

So let me know below what your first workout purchase was. Was it one of these oldies but goodies?