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Sugar Free Party Food – Coconut Ice

Hi everyone, Casey Stevens from Real Fit Women.com with a Real Fit Women news update.


In this video I wanted to share a video I came across recently that I made for my birthday party the other weekend.


We all know coconut ice, well I assume you do. So coconut ice looks like this.

Sugar Free Coconut Ice




It’s usually got sugar, lots of coconut obviously. Copha is in the traditional recipe. Anyway I wanted to come up with some ideas for the party. Recipes that were sugar free, or at least not so much sugar, a little bit healthy but so people could still have party favourites.


I came across this recipe from the Sweeter Life Club which is a website which is run by Natvia which is a brand here in Australia of stevia. Not affiliate with them in any way, just a recipe that I chose to use.


Anyway, in these coconut ice there is coconut, coconut oil, I used pink food colouring and the Natvia which is stevia.


Everybody loved it.


For me it was a little bit bitter perhaps. I don’t know if that’s the right word. I think next time I make it i’ll use a little less stevia just to get the taste right.


So this was a great hit at the birthday party. The kids loved it and the adults did not need to them that there was no sugar in it. They still ate it.


The thing that I loved most about it was when I was looking for a recipe and I just googled coconut ice recipe, the first recipe that came up was from a major recipe site here in Australia and it had 500grams of icing sugar in it and I just thought that was a lot of sugar.


So I’m glad I kept looking and found this recipe. I’ll post the link here: Natvia Coconut Ice

Give it a try and let me know what you think.


You can also watch how to make it: