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The Crowding Out Technique

00:28 – The Crowding Out Technique

00:52 – Have you cake and eat it too

01:00 – Yes salad can be for breakfast

01:24 – Saying no doesn’t always work

01:49 – Sun makes me feel better

02:01 – Even indirect sunlight makes you feel good

02:27 – Dogs dogs dogs

02:50 – Dogs make you smile even at 3am



Hi this is Casey Stevens with a Real Fit Women tips video.


In this video we’re going to discuss a way of introducing better food in to your diet without necessarily taking stuff out. We’re going to discuss the benefits of, at least anecdotally the benefits of getting sun and also the benefits of having a pet.

A technique I have been trying recently is called the Crowding Out Technique. So what that means is ok instead of saying ‘cut out all sugar’, ‘cut out all chocolate’, ‘cut out all cake’, you know ‘no no no’.

Instead it’s about crowding those things out. So having big bowls of vegetables, big bowls of salads and then you can have the chocolate or the cake, but only after you’ve had these big bowls of good food. And I find after having a huge salad for breakfast or a huge of vegetables up until the afternoon when normally I would go and get a cake or a chocolate, I find that because I’m so full and have just eaten so much good stuff that I don’t actually want the chocolate. It’s more of a habit for me to go and get it. So then I can go ‘ok I don’t need to have it today’. So maybe that’s something to try for you.

I know when I say ok you can’t have this I just want to go out and eat all of that thing. So I am finding the crowding out technique to be really effective.

Without getting in to all of the science of the sun and vitamin D and if it’s good for you or bad for you, I personally find that if I’m feeling down or bad or I’m actually sick. For example I’m coming off a pretty bad sinus infection and cold right now, if I go outside and just sit in the sun for 5 or ten minutes I just feel so much better.

And even if I’m not sitting directly in the sun, usually I sit back there up against the fence and get some direct sun light. but even if I’m not in the direct sunlight, just the heat and the warmth of the sun, I just feel that it makes me so much better. Especially when I’m sick it just, I guess, perks me up so maybe next time you’re sick or you’re feeling a bit low, go outside. Either just sit in the sun or read a book, do a bit of gardening or go for a walk. Or just sit there. I can’t just sit there and do nothing, I need something to do but anyway give it a go and see how it works for you.

So I’ve always had pets, dogs specifically, in my life and I just don’t imagine life without them, I can’t imagine life without them. One of the things that I find that can instantly put a smile on my face, whether I’m feeling down or just even if I’m happy, they’ll make me laugh out loud.

Even at 3 o’clock in the morning when the possums are out and these guys are barking their nuts off and I have to come out and yell at them to be quiet they can still make me smile.

I know there’s been studies done about the benefits of pets and I think the studies have been pretty favourable in having pets and I know some people are allergic to them or don’t like them and that’s fine but for me at least, these two guys just make my day. So try having a pet. I’m not sure if you get the same thing with a goldfish or a little reptile but you never know.

Anyway, I’ve been Casey Stevens for RealFitWomen.com