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What Is Emotional Eating?

As humans we have developed this whole eating for pleasure thing.

We eat when we are sad, depressed, angry, stressed and even happy! And it seems to be irrelevant whether we are actually hungry or not.

It might not seem like such a big deal but it can lead to devastating health problems.

On this podcast I talk with Dr Sharon Livingston of Emotional Eating Secrets about what this is and why we do it.

I hope it helps you in some way.

Getting Fit With Multiple Sclerosis

Allison Reynolds is the guest on today’s Real Fit Women podcast episode.

We discuss how she has managed to improve her fitness and drop her body fat percentage even while having Multiple Sclerosis and having to deal with the effects of that.

She used the philosophies from Tim Ferris’s book The Four Hour Body to make her transformation happen.

The main points I got from this chat were:

– You need to make exercise a routine/habit
– No matter which program or book you decide to follow, you need to make it your own
– There’s no need to over do it, just the minimum effective dose